Why Waterfall? Dated Workflows in a Modern World

It's the classic case of established practice. Old guard policies and red tape. Sound familiar? If you're a forward-thinking designer who wants a more efficient workflow, the traditional way of managing projects can be frustrating, to say the least.

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Why the Shift to Engagement Means Interactive Design Is More Important than Ever

Not too long ago, a piece of content was often measured purely on a few, mostly superficial numbers: views, clicks, and shares being the usual suspects. This, along with Google's relatively primitive SEO algorithm, led to the rise of content farms that took advantage of practices like keyword stuffing and clickbait headlines to rack up the numbers people once thought were of utmost importance.

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New Dev Tools and Projects Page - Ceros 5.27

In this release, we're providing unprecedented ability for your site and Ceros to speak to each other.  We are finally giving developers a set of tools that work hand-in-hand with the creative tools we've given everyone else.  It's pretty cool stuff.  
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Why is Startup Culture so Important Anyway?

A couple weeks back we attended a very invigorating panel about startup culture. It was the third installment of Orrick’s Founder’s Guide series where they ask successful startup folks to talk shop. Orrick is a law firm that specializes in the tech world and startups. But as far as law firms go their content engine, Orrick Total Access, is actually very good. That was the inspiration for the panel, which included the likes of Amanda Hesser, Co-Founder and CEO of Food52, Shauna Mei, Founder and CEO of AHAlife, and Chantel Waterbury, Founder and CEO of Chloe + Isabel.

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Doug Cullen is Ceros' Newest Sales Scientist

The Ceros team is growing, and we’re excited to welcome Doug Cullen as Chief Revenue Officer. Doug heads up the sales team, which plays to his strength of building high performance teams with a work hard/play hard approach. According to Doug, everything he does is for his family, friends and colleagues, pretty much in that order.

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