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7 Digital Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Looking for something to help optimize your marketing?

Check out these 7 easy-to-use digital marketing tools that'll make everything you do much easier.

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Read Your Customers' Minds With 3D Analytics

Marketers have done a good job collating the vast amounts of data available to them. However, what has failed to keep pace is our content creation strategies. Static digital content has hamstrung our very complex analytics engines.

Yes, we know how many pages someone viewed, but do we know that that same person was inspired by a specific picture to continue navigating? Or that it was on paragraph two that they bounced off the website?

Matching complex analytics with rich interactive content will enable you to read your audience’s mind and have a much clearer picture of what they like and don’t like.

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3 Easy Steps Toward Humanizing Your Comms

We all know how annoying spam emails are; no one likes getting emails from robots. But, as marketers, external communications can be an important part of our campaigns. Sometimes you just got to send out a blast or two. So what do you do when you get little to no engagement?

The key is balancing selling and humanization.

Even if you’re not a robot, which I’ll assume you aren’t, getting people to respond can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Matching your ‘selling’ with genuine, human communications is important for all of your external comms. You have to ask yourself: “would I respond to this?” You are, in fact a human; you have all the tools you need.


Check out three easy ways to humanize your comms right now

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How to Become a Storyteller

 Humans are naturally drawn to stories. From cave-paintings to HBO, we gravitate toward compelling, well told stories.

Apple, without doubt one of the greatest brands in existence, has a great story. We all know it; it’s the one about ‘thinking different.’ Apple has been thinking differently for 38 years, reminding us of the story, bit by bit, without ever really losing the thread. In fact, sometimes the story has been more powerful than the products themselves. 

Apple's story has reached millions on a very basic level. Their, and many others', success has raised storytelling from a nice pet project to a must-have in any modern marketing department.

You don’t have to be Apple to harness the power of stories; every brand has a story to tell, tell it! By building a Brand Newsroodm you empower your content to tell your brand's story.

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5 Ways To Empower Your Audience To Create Brand Loyalty

According to Gallup, customers who are more engaged earn brands 23% more revenue. But the marketer-customer relationship is also highly symbiotic. We talk a lot about how engaging and inspiring your audience is essential to creating a loyal, long lasting customer, but there is much more to inspiring brand loyalty than meeting sales goals.


Here are 5 tips to help you create collaborative marketing campaigns with, not just for, your audience:

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