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Chloe + Isabel Empowers Merchants and Inspires Shoppers


Chloe + Isabel is an innovative social commerce jewelry company that empowers and connects women through their own social selling experience. Described by TechCrunch as a tech savvy fashion company that is "currently re-defining direct selling," Chloe & Isabel is disruptive and inspiring. Just the sort of people we love here at Ceros

As both a rapidly expanding trendsetter and Ceros evangelists, we were curious to hear how the design team at Chloe & Isabel keep up with all the velocity while still staying uniquely creative. The conversation resulted in this Q+A and a case study. Our hope is that it will serve as inspiration for others who believe that flourishing creativity contributes to major sales growth.  

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5 Fresh Ideas to Use Video in Digital Experiences

In the olden days of Flash, integrated video meant high load times and device compatibility nightmares. Now things have changed for the better. The era of HTML5 empowers designers with new ways to add video to digital content.

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HTML5: One Size Really Fits All?

Creating interactive content with HTML5 has advantages when it comes to usability across multiple devices. But "one size fits all" means designing content to appear equally beautiful on smartphones, tablets, and desktop. This is possible, but not always practical if your goal is to publish frequently with limited time and resources.

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Animated GIFs: Enhancing Interactive Content Since 1999

That dancing baby you loved in the 1990s has matured into something quite sophisticated. Yes, the animated GIF has survived all these years. In our opinion, there are two major reasons why:

  • Steve Jobs killed flash
  • Mobile Safari won't autoplay video

Here are four ways you can use them to enhance interactive content: 

1) Email: Preview Animations

Although email is a very effective way to get your message out, it is limited by what you can do with graphic design. Most email clients do not support CSS or video.

Workaround: Use a small animated GIF that portrays the interactive features of your experience. Hyperlink the GIF to your content in a browser, hosted in the cloud. We recently took this approach with an email campaign, where we announced the publication of a World Cup Guide by a member of our design community. It worked! We had a staggering 35% Click Through Rate.

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Driving Conversion in an Interactive Experience

Interaction in digital content is a powerful tool. It has the power to transform readers into captive, engaged participants. A non-interactive piece is dull and easily forgettable. An engaging piece encourages users to explore and uncover new layers through clicking, scrolling, and tapping.

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