The Hottest Event in Emerging Tech

What do Intel, Carmelo Anthony, and the Meatpacking district have in common? They were all a big part of Katalyst Live’s inaugural emerging tech summit: Fast A/W15. Speakers included Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, Brent Blum, director of wearable technology strategy and design at Accenture, and Melo, who is much more than just a celebrity endorsement. Melo has recently cofounded Melo7 Tech Partners to help guide innovative companies at the intersection of sports, fashion, and tech, into the main stream. 

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Here's Your Box Of Content Marketing Chocolates

Valentine's Day is just one big content marketing scheme from Hallmark. But let’s be honest, that’s kind of the point. Valentines Day is all about clever marketing and delightful content. You know it, we know it. So let’s not mince our words - instead let’s check out some awesome Valentine’s Day content!

We’ve gathered three very different Valentine’s Day campaigns to show you a wide breadth of strategies and creativity.

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4 Fashion Brands Creating Killer Content That Drive Engagement

Perhaps no industry demonstrates the marriage of innovation and beautiful design better than fashion. After all, it’s an entire industry dedicated to defining new trends and producing something powerful and personal that many people use as a way to express themselves. In light of this love of design, we started thinking more about the fashion industry and the content it influences.

This industry impacts more than just the clothes we wear and many brands are able to create content that delivers engagement. Can marketers interested in boosting audience engagement learn a thing or two from interactive fashion content? Of course!

To celebrate the fashion industry’s love of design, use of interactive content and the NY Fashion Week, we took a deeper look at how a few fashion brands inspire and engage their customers.

Here’s how they do it:


Vera Bradley – Digital Lookbook
Vera Bradley fully embraces interactive content in their digital lookbook. In the Vera Bradley Spring 2015 lookbook, customers are introduced to a vibrant new collection through stunning photography, interesting visual elements, and rich media video.

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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Write Another eBook

In the world of B2B marketing, inbound marketing, brand storytelling, and marketing at large, there is perhaps no greater mystery than what happens after someone gets your ebook.  After all, you’re thinking about the conversion, and you put a lot of hard work into creating the content, so you’re SURE people are going to be happy they filled out that annoying form just to get it.  But are they?    

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Hi Fashion Week! The Latest And Greatest High Fashion Content

New York Fashion week is upon us and that means brands of all shapes and sizes will be rolling out a ton of creative content along the way. You don't want to miss what any of these brands are doing, it's just too good. So, how can you keep up with all that awesome stuff?

Well, we teamed up with Newscred to create The Ultimate Style Guide to Content Marketing to showcase the best and most beautiful high fashion content. It's a rich interactive piece that highlights how high fashion brands view content strategy and creation. There's content from the likes of Under Armour, Chanel, Burberry, and much, much more.

Check out the piece below and make sure to take a part of the conversation with #HighFashionContent.

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