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Night of the Living Dead Content

It’s Halloween and that means it’s time to raise the dead.  We unearthed this great ebook on the state of the pop-up shop, and were delighted to find buried within it a really nice case study on Halloween pop-ups.  

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If You Liked It Then You Should've Put a Pin on It

Ever since Pinterest came on to the scene a couple years ago, we’ve been fascinated by its ability to aggregate and combine visual content for people to collect, share, and enjoy.

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Oh my God Becky, Look at That Blog

Nicki Minaj’s music video, Anaconda, has been on repeat for the past few months.  It’s got twerking, a juice-stand-gone-wild, and Drake... but, if you take a closer look, there might be a bit more to it than the posterior.

Here are 4 things Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda can teach us about content marketing:

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Two Brands Redefining Storytelling

UK based Monsoon, and Japan based Uniqlo are two brands redefining storytelling. They've made huge strides toward transforming the fashion retailer into a storytelling, content marketing, brand shop. They are creating cutting-edge interactive content pieces and putting them EVERYWHERE (homepages, social channels, blogs, the list goes on).

The most powerful aspect of their content strategy: empowering customers to engage and making every experience shoppable.

Check out how they do it!

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Release 5.21 - Desktop Rollovers

Released October 23rd, 2014. Ceros 5.21 redefines the Interaction Panel and adds Desktop Rollover actions.

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