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Monsoon goes live with Swoon

E-Consultancy today announced that leading British fashion retailer Monsoon has gone live with Swoon, a highly interactive, shoppable magazine intended for tablet viewing. The entire magazine is powered by Ceros.

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Case Study: Matalan's Abbey Clancy Digital Lookbook

Matalan is a leading British fashion brand that regularly uses the Ceros platform to publish interactive content on their homepage and in digital lookbooks. 

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6 Reasons to Replace Internet Explorer with Chrome

As a tech company that helps power the creative engines behind brands like Uniqlo, Peugeot, and Elizabeth Arden, our community is made up by people who appreciate beauty in digital design. But not everyone sees the world the same way. Our job to keep people informed. 

We are hoping this post can serve as a simple, shareable tool for you to influence decision makers so they finally update antiquated IT policies and pick a proper browser. 

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Four Tips for Creating a Hero Slideshow

We shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but let's face it: first impressions matter. Ask any marketer in retail and they'll agree. Since the advent of the department store in the 19th century, people have been paying close attention to displays in shop windows. The highly technical term for this is "oohing and awing".

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Why Authentic Human Imagery = High Engagement

"Users clicking on photos of real-life people are twice as likely to convert to a sale." - Olapic co-founder Jose de Cabo

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